The mission of Berlin Public School, Ranchi aims to providing Quality Education Specially Tribal & weaker section of society as a whole, a diverse community of learners with a rich tradition of excellence, is to ensure that each student accomplishes academic success, personal growth, and social responsibility by providing a safe and enriching learning environment customized to each students needs and aspirations. Mrs Soni Oraon President of school, the main reason of mission for bringing up the school at par with other good school in Ranchi.
She has left no stone unturned to give better education to every section of society.


The vision for Berlin Public School focuses on each student succeeding. A major part of our work will focus on making sure each student succeeds. Our curriculum, instructional practices and intervention programs are all designed to enhance student success.The commitment of our staff to support each student is central to their achievement. Each student connecting teacher relationships with students, co-curricular activities, student celebrations of all great occasion & Festival , the Student Success team, our Counselor, and Outreach Consultant are essential to ensure that each student is connected with our school. Vision of Berlin Public School focused by Smt Soni Oraon Founder of the School and Dr. Birsa Oraon  Chairman of School. He has given education with very less fee structure, He has done tremendous work for society by giving education since last 15 years and he will be continuing forever